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“Highly compelling thriller . . . Preston and Child prove that the devil is
indeed in the details.”
Entertainment Weekly (Editor’s Choice, Grade A-)

“Fans of cerebral action adventure novels know that, outside of Michael Crichton, no one delivers the goods like the veteran writing team of Preston and Child (Relic; Still Life with Crows; etc.). As if invigorated by their recent solo efforts (Child: Utopia, etc.; Preston: The Codex, etc.), the two now deliver their best novel ever, an extravagant tale of international intrigue. Erudite, swiftly paced, brimming with memorable personae and tense set pieces, this is the perfect thriller to stuff into a beach bag.”
Publishers Weekly

"Agent Pendergast, last seen in the authors’ Still Life with Crows, returns in a gruesome murder mystery. Fans will be excited to see old friends, yet the story will still captivate newcomers. The authors have outdone themselves with marvelous set pieces and an intriguing mystery. Buy several copies.”
Library Journal

“An outrageously entertaining thriller from these accomplished co-authors (Still Life with Crows, 2003, etc.) . . . As good as the genre gets. Don’t miss it.”
Kirkus Reviews

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