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"Their most expertly executed entertainment yet... A big-boned thriller, one that will make a terrific summer movie as well as a memorable hot-day read." Publishers Weekly

"Opens with a bang... With increasing momentum, budding romances, raging storms, and sinister mysteries clash, collide, and hurtle toward an explosive climax... Mystery and suspense are what we are looking for, and Preston and Child deliver."
Portsmouth, N.H. Herald

"Compelling... Riddled with subplots, treachery, and betrayal... Packs a series of surprise wallops."
Toronto Star

"An ultra action-packed adventure that will thrill with its non-stop action. Preston and Child put the pedal to the metal... A real kicker."
Midwest Book Review

"Chock-full of cliff-hanging surprises and unexpected twists... If nonstop thrills and a genuinely satisfying adventure are what you're after, then look no further."
Providence Sunday Journal

"A great read... A techno-thriller of a high order, with believable technology and an excellent sense of character development."

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