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Publishers Weekly
Like Isabella, a giant "superconducting supercollider particle accelerator," the thought-provoking new thriller from bestseller Preston (Tyrannosaur Canyon) takes a while to power up, but once it does, this baby roars… Science has often tangled with religion in this genre, but Preston puts his own philosophical spin on the usual proceedings, and when he gets his irate villagers with their burning torches headed for the castle, the pages simply fly.
–Allen Appel

Library Journal
Religion and science clash in the middle of the New Mexico desert in Preston's latest page-turner. A gigantic supercollider designed to study the beginning of the big bang is christened Isabella by the scientists who built her. The initial experiments exceed all of their expectations… Preston balances the fine line between fundamentalism and science with a sure hand and joins Michael Crichton as a master of suspenseful novels that tackle controversial issues in the realm of science. Highly recommended for all public libraries.
—Jeff Ayers, Seattle Public Library

Kirkus Reviews
A slimy D.C. lobbyist—is there any other kind?—sets off a war between supercolliding physicists and supercredulous evangelical Christians in an unusually alarming and thoughtful thriller.
Preston (Tyrannosaur Canyon, 2005, etc.), who often teams with Lincoln Child, presses every middle-class panic button he can reach in this lightning-fast tale of science pushing toward the edge and religion pushing back in the Arizona desert, where a $40 billion atom smasher seems to be talking as if it is God. The giant experimental apparatus fills miles of abandoned coal mine tunnels deep under Indian territory, sucking up enough electricity to power an entire time zone and enough public funds to attract serious attention from all kinds of mischief makers… Recovering CIA agent Wyman Ford is dropped into Indian territory to get a read on the physicists and, while he's at it, to smooth things over with the Indians. As Ford burrows into scientific secrets, a scrawny and ultimately murderous missionary, who has had little success converting the Indians, hooks up with the televangelist and takes on a new mission: to smash the atom smashers and end the conversation they appear to be having with someone who is either a very clever hacker or the Originator of the Universe. Ford and the Indians are alone in their skepticism about the need for an apocalypse.
Clever and terrifying.

"Terrifyingly realistic. An electrifying page turner. Preston at his very best."
--Nancy Taylor Rosenberg

“A superb read! Douglas Preston's Blasphemy is both thoughtful and flat-out entertainment--a page-turning thriller about science and religion, in which good and evil collide at the speed of light. You'll be up all night with this book.”
--Jeffery Deaver, author of The Sleeping Doll

“Doug Preston's Blasphemy takes the latest theories of physics and pits them against the ancient religious beliefs that they now threaten, in an explosive, hell-bent and finally deeply moving book that I doubt I will ever forget. It literally made me pace as I contemplated the ideas that crackle through these pages, and it gave me pause as I realized that the physics here are so close to reality, that the face of God that appears in this book may soon be, in real life, before us all.”
—Whitley Strieber

"Science versus religion--the ultimate crunch. Douglas Preston has written The Novel of the Year, an extraordinary, unique, fascinating, wildly imaginative mix of thriller, satire, Sci Fi, and every other genre in the book. BLASPHEMY--you're going to love it."
—Stephen Coonts

"With BLASPHEMY, Douglas Preston has finally gone too far. One way or another, I'm afraid he may burn for this book."
—Lincoln Child

“If you're stupid, do NOT buy this book! Because, in BLASPHEMY Preston rips the toga off God and what remains is simply the answer to the most profound question of human existence...why are we here? A stunningly great read.”
—W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O’Neal Gear

“Doug Preston's latest novel, BLASPHEMY, is one hell of a good book. I couldn't stop reading, and at the end I had to force myself to slow down!”
—David Hagberg

“Can science discover God? Blasphemy is a stunningly ambitious novel that lives up to its goals. The theme is nothing less than the question: Is science the new religion?”
—Barbara D’Amato

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