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“The latest effort from Preston is about a New Mexico vet who becomes an assassin’s target after discovering the location of a fully formed T. rex. If that sounds like a Crichton-worthy premise to you, film folks might agree.”
Publishers Weekly “Hollywood Reader”

“Preston's exhilarating and absorbing science-based effort will thrill readers from the first page to the last. Michael Crichton wishes he could write half as well; for all fiction collections.”
Library Journal *starred review*

“Blown away? Yes. Socks knocked off? For sure. This is the kind of a book that takes you deep into the night and will not let you go. It begins on the moon with a very real conversation between astronaut Eugene Cernan and Apollo Ground Control in 1971, and goes from there to an eerie canyon in New Mexico. Then you think you're on a contemporary treasure hunt. But Douglas Preston has a surprise for you...and it is not a small one, no, not at all. I will not forget Tyrannosaur Canyon. Nobody who reads it will, not for a long, long time.”
Whitley Strieber, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Communion

“If John Grisham wrote Jurassic Park, he couldn’t do better than Tyrannosaur Canyon.”
Stephen Coonts, New York Times bestselling author of Liars and Thieves

“Preston has accomplished the impossible: He has combined the cutting edge science of Michael Crichton and the thrills and chills of Stephen King to create some of the most electrifying novels of the twenty-first century. The Codex knocked our socks off.
Tyrannosaur Canyon really blew us away.”
W. Michael and Kathleen O’ Neal Gear,
USA Today bestselling authors of People of the Raven

Tyrannosaur Canyon kept me up past dawn. Preston is a little like Grisham, a little like Crichton, a little like King, but a truly unique and wonderful writer in his own write.”
David Hagberg, USA Today bestselling and award-winning author
of Joshua’s Hammer and Soldier of God

“A hair-frying, nerve-fraying, heart-stopping, pulse-pounding thriller of magnitude. Preston has always been terrific. Tyrannosaur Canyon reaches whole new dimension of thrillerdom.”
John Farris, Award-winning and bestselling author of Phantom Nights

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