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"Wildly cool...Thrill hounds couldn't ask for a creepier environment. Eccentric, grisly and thoroughly original...a thriller staged in the world's scariest building, with no room for the squeamish."
Kirkus Reviews

"Want to pick up a thriller that arrives with the kinetic energy of a meteor smacking the earth? Read RELIC."
Tampa Tribune

"It's the years hottest."
Literary Guild Bulletin

"Containing just the right blend of gripping suspense, colorful characters, and credible science, RELIC has all the ingredients for well-deserved bestseller status."

"Jaws takes Manhattan."
San Francisco Examiner and Chronicle

"Relic is as good as this type of novel gets."
Hartford Courant

"A high-concept, high-energy thriller...Builds to a superbly exciting climax, and then offers a final twist to boot."
Publishers Weekly

"This is a real page turner, part Jaws, part Poseidon Adventure."
Library Journal

"Relic satisfies the primal desire to be scared out of one's wits...The ending is a real bone-chilling shocker."
Express Books

"In the early 1970s Peter Benchley penned some of the most incredibly riveting passages ever contained between two covers in his bestseller Jaws. Since then a couple of new writers have come close to equaling, but never surpassing, that book's level of tension and pure adrenaline-filled fever... Until now."
Tampa Tribune & Times


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