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"This should do for the New York subway system what Jaws did for the Long Island beaches."

"A cracking good thriller...Reliquary takes you on a bone-chilling tour of the city's Gothic underground. Reliquary would be a great book to take on the beach. Just don't read it on the subway."
The Lexington Herald

"High on suspense and tremendous fun."
Publishers Weekly

"Preston and Child carry off this sequel with great energy and panache. In particular, their portrait of the underground dwellers lifts this thriller into a category all its own."

"The sequel to the popular Relic hits all the right buttons for those looking for thrills and chills from things that go bump in the night...Another page-turner that cries out for translation to the silver screen."
The Orlando Sentinel

"Reads like a summer roller-coaster flick."
Philadelphia Inquirer

"Reliquary is a fast-paced horror-thriller with an army of mutant mole people."
Fort Worth Morning Star-Telegram


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