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"Thrilling adventure...Unstoppable suspense and mystery."

"Machine-gun pacing, startling plot twists and smart use of legend, scientific lore...bound to be one of the most popular of the summer reads."
Publisher's Weekly

"There is no more fascinating story than an adventure involving a search for a great treasure. Riptide is a saga that sweeps the reader over the falls and makes him wish he was truly along for the ride. A GREAT READ."
Clive Cussler

"The book has been compared to the adventure stories of Michael Crichton. It is that and more. Riptide blends the adventure of Indiana Jones with the existential drama of Moby Dick... There is a mythological, epic quality to Riptide that takes it beyond the realm of the supermarket thriller. The quest for Red Ned's treasure goes beyond material greed: it has the feel of the perils of Odysseus."
Maine Sunday Telegram

"With Riptide, Preston and Child expertly deliver a thrilling adventure story that matches any novel written by Michael Crichton, Peter Benchley, or even Robert Louis Stevenson."
The New Mexican

"A summer blockbuster...a lot of fun."
Washington Post Book World

"A high-pitched, fast-paced plot with vivid description, intriguing characters, and vibrant scenes. The suspense never lets up."
Bangor Daily News

"A terrifically entertaining treasure-hunting yarn that is as much fun as anything I've read all year...the storm-wracked, cliff-hanging last hundred pages should be studied by future adventure writers who want to know exactly how a book like this should read."
Flint Journal

"Riptide moves like a shark through water...a rip-roaring good read...Fans who know the Preston-Child duo from Relic and Reliquary will find RIPTIDE a treat. Those new to the Preston-Child magic can sit back and discover one of the best reads of the summer. I can't recommend this novel enough, particularly for those who enjoy genuine thrills in their thrillers."
Douglas Clegg, Barnes & Noble Online

"The action, romance, and adventure are infectious."
Rocky Mountain News

"An amazing thriller; it out-Crichtons Crichton in its grasp of technological detail, and it far surpasses him in character and suspense."
Stuart Woods, author of Dead in the Water

"A rip-roaring adventure tale with all the right elements... Preston and Child deliver a damned good page turner, filled with historical intrigue, modern-day technology and old fashioned seat-of-your-pants adventure."
Copley News Service

"I can scarcely think of a more entertaining or more swashbuckling summer read than this grand adventure searching for brilliantly concealed pirate treasure on a rocky, remote New England island... Highly recommended!"
Poisoned Pen Booknews

"A high-tech treasure hunt complete with adrenaline-laced action and the age-old battle of good and evil... An adventure of imagination, spiced with thrills, sprinkled with glimpses of history, and perfected with nonstop action."
School Library Journal


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