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"Grounded in science but flirting with the supernatural...a highly readable tale of adventure and long-ago crimes."
Dallas Morning News

"When it comes to nail-biting, two-in-the-morning, page-turning thrillers, nobody delivers the goods like these guys."
Nelson DeMille

"Spellbinding--Preston and Child have hit pay dirt!"

"Exciting, well-conceived, and well-oiled... a rip-snorter for lovers of adventure stories with more than a touch of evil."
Toronto Star

"An intelligent and mystical look into another legend...Once again the dynamic duo of suspense turn in yet another stellar, chilling, and compelling novel."
Charleston Post and Courier

"Chilling...redefines 'page-turner.' "
Denver Rocky Mountain News

"Preston and Child have cleverly used the popular thriller genre to explore some fascinating ideas about Coronado's quest, archaeology, and the American Southwest."
Bergen Record

"Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child have combined adventure and suspense in THUNDERHEAD."
Richmond Times-Dispatch

"Great, exciting fun! I'm addicted to these guys."
David Morrell, author of Burnt Sienna

"THUNDERHEAD blew me away! It has everything--grand adventure, a superb mystery, and an indomitable heroine."
Jane Candia Coleman, author of Doc Holliday's Woman

"Preston and Child are magicians. THUDERHEAD is a classic adventure tale...a thrilling story of greed, obsession, and bravery in the face of evil. You won't be able to put it down."
Clifford Irving, author of Hoax

"THUNDERHEAD is scary and smart, and it moves as fast as a runaway train. Get ready to read all night."
Sarah Lovett, author of Dangerous Attachments

"Brimming with mystery, wonder, and terror...a headlong narrative that will keep you turning pages into the wee hours."
F. Paul Wilson, author of Legacies

"Armchair archaeologists, beware. Crack this book and you are embarking on the expedition of a lifetime."
Rodney Barker, author of The Broken Circle

"A romp that's as thrilling as anything I've read this year...In the tradition of H. Rider Haggard and with the stylistic power of Wilbur Smith, the cutting-edge science of Michael Crichton, and the tension that has made their previous books bestsellers, Preston and Child's THUNDERHEAD is the perfect summer read."
Jack Du Brul, reviewing for Barnes & Noble Online


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