Fan Art

Our readers have many talents and often send us examples of artwork inspired by our novels. We will be posting reader art in these pages from time to time. More to come...

Fan Art by Josie Murray
Pendergast finds Leng
Pendergast and Constance
The Basement
Sibling Rivalry
The Undertaker
Fan Art by Carmen Elliott
Job's Lair
A Woman Digging
An Important Failure
Ultima Thule
Fan Art by Tiffany Stafford
Learning the game
The Magician
Constance and Enoch
Get Out!
Under Construction
Impending Doom
The Pendergast Interview
Fan Art by Chris Royal
Fan Art by Other Artists
Mbwun by Sethrick Maverick
Pendergast by Joshua Barnes
Pendergast Thinking by Hui Nee
Pendergast by Hui Nee Chin
Diogenes by V Burch
Relic by Alessandro Vezzani
Relic by Alessandro Vezzani

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