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DAY 10: Tales of the Moon and Rain

Towards noon, the Preston-Child juggernaut cruised into the lush campus of Butler University in Indianapolis, blotting out the sun. We were boarded by Mystery Mike, a charming fellow, and talked books and signed stock for him. Following that we made our way into the campus bookstore for a public signing. Linc was particularly wary about this one, because the last time he signed books at a campus bookstore—the Harvard Coop—the only person to show up was my mother. We were mightily relieved to find a standing room only crowd. Fie on Harvard! We were also pleased to see the youth, intelligence and vigor of our audience.

We had the chance to meet lots of old friends, some of whom, like Carmen, traveled many miles to see us. Carmen—whose artwork has graced our site in the past—provided us with several more beautiful and provocative new works (see the picture section).

Next on the agenda was a evening signing at the flagship Joseph-Beth bookstore in Lexington, Kentucky. Against a magnificent backdrop of a pond, ducks, and a giant fountain, Linc and I traded witticisms (some might say barbs). This is one of the most spectacular bookstores we’d ever seen, airy and light, a marvelous atmosphere in which to browse and buy books. Some of our readers had brought complete collections of our books, all in first editions, which we were happy to sign.

After the signing we faced a daunting, four hour drive. We retreated to our lair at the back of the bus; Linc mixed up a brace of dry martinis while I loaded the DVD player with the Japanese film Ugetsu (“Tales of the Moon and Rain”). We rolled into Nashville close to midnight.


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