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We were not quite sure what to expect from the twelfth day of our perambulations. So far our presentations have taken place mainly at bookstores, but on this day both events were scheduled for public libraries—and not just any library, either, but the venerable Georgia Center for the Book at Decatur, Georgia and the nearby Cultural Arts Center in Norcross. We debated “cleaning up” our presentation but decided not to, and went ahead, crude jokes and all. (I am sorry to report that Lincoln, among other undignified japes and antics on stage, has taken to recounting a most dismaying and defamatory story about the sex scenes I have written.) Enough of that. Other than the unfortunate sex story, both events went well, with the lecture halls filled to capacity. Once again people took us up on our offer to not only purchase copies of Cemetery Dance, but to bring in their Preston-Child back catalogue, as well. At each event, after the conclusion of the formal part of the presentation—our comments and the subsequent Q&A session—the actual book signing segment went on for over an hour. Either the size of people’s book collections are growing as we continue to travel, or word of our approach is spreading, or perhaps both. In either case we are both delighted and humbled by the warmth and appreciation we’ve seen from so many on this long and eventful trip.

However, we also realize that such good fortune can be fleeting, and that one should always be prepared for the potential if undesirable need for a career change. As a result we’ve been careful, while on the road, to take the opportunity to adopt new vocational skills when the chance presents itself. As the attached photos will show, we’ve taken a stab at refining such abilities: Linc has been practicing his tradeskill as Windshield Optimizer Engineer, while I’ve been initiated into the mysteries of Fuel Delivery Systems Specialist. We hope, however that--with your continued support--such “second careers” won’t become necessary any time soon...

We finished up the evening with a long drive, the usual brace of martinis, and another classic Japanese film. Can our readers identify it?

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