On Blasphemy
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Reviewer: KimberlyWrites
Unredeemable, Stupid and Offensive

"A novel full of completely unredeemable characters and pages of gibberish the author, who could learn a thing or two by reading the Bible, clearly projects as what he thinks a neo-scientific God might say, but sadly, actually embodies the very real ideas of a modern-day Satan - in fact, I kept reading hoping that in the end, the book would redeem itself by admitting this so-called 'voice of God' was really the voice of the Enemy. But no such luck. Had the bad and misguided 'fanatics' and 'religious people' been balanced with some form of true Christian sanity, it would have been bearable to accept Spates, Crawley & Eddy as the true villains - but the problem is, there is no one else to pull for, so you just pray the whole mountain blows up and no one survives. Unfortunately - they do and we are spared nothing. Yuk - just plain yuk."



To which Lincoln Child says:

"I don’t know how many times I told Doug he would burn for writing that book! But did he listen? No."


To which Doug replies:

"If I get there first, Linc, I’ll be sure to save your place."


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