On Brimstone
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Reviewer: Christmas in March

"Is it bad when you start to dislike one character so much that you actually skip the sections which mention him? This is what happened to me when I read this book. One of the main characters, Aloysius Pendergast, completely got on my nerves with his "sophististication." Halfway through the book, I began skipping the sections which mentioned him and only read the parts with the other two characters, both of whom are much more enjoyable. The story itself is fairly interesting -- a series of unrelated men are killed in similar methods which seem to carry the mark of the devil. FBI Agent Pendergast and Sergeant Vincent d'Agosta must figure out whether these murders are supernatural or manmade. But, given how annoying Pendergast is, just read the last five chapters to figure out why and how these guys are killed."


Aloysius Pendergast says:

"I am truly 'devastastated' that the gentleman finds my 'sophististication' annoying."


Vincent D’Agosta says:

"I couldn’t agree more. A while ago someone gave me a copy of the War and Peace and I just couldn’t be bothered to read the whole damn thing, so I skimmed the last few chapters to find out why and how all those guys got killed."


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