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Our last bow DAY 14: Heading Home

We rose on the final day expecting to conclude the tour with one last, rousing signing at a Books-a-Million outside Richmond. However, due to a miniature black hole passing through Virginia, the place, phone number, and time of the signing printed on our schedule did not seem to exist. After wandering around Kaluza-Klein space for a while in our bus we figured out where the real signing was and when. Unfortunately, I had to be on a plane going home by the appointed time, so Linc did the honors da solo.

Linc reported that, despite the space-time confusion, a large number of people had gathered at the store. Averting a riot, Linc agreed to sign books, and he seized the rare opportunity to tell outrageous stories about me behind my back without fear of my usual droll, rapier-like ripostes. By all accounts he presided over a charming event. Afterwards, at the photo-op in front of the bus, Linc asked everyone to join him in a rousing cheer to God, King, and Country (or was it Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness?) to celebrate the conclusion of a long, but to our minds highly successful, tour.

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